A Wishlist

Wishlists allow a player to select up to five Collection items that will be displayed when a friend hovers the mouse over their image at the bottom of the game screen (see image at right for an example of this).

Any Collection items can be added to a Wishlist, regardless of whether the player already has the item or whether they have previously completed the set.

One particularly important point to note is that the Wishlist does not change when you get an item that you want. You must change your Wishlist manually.

Because of this it is recommended that you regularly review your Wishlist to see if you still need the items on it.

It is also highly recommended that you update your Wishlist whenever you receive items from your friends. This will help to prevent you receiving multiples of the same item and helps you to get new items that you need.

For details on how to add and remove items from a Wishlist, read the How to Make a Wishlist page.