The Ark is a Relic.

The information below has been culled from a post to a Journey of Moses group.

The ARK is a relic you will earn by working the story maps after Moses comes back down Mt Sinai, with the Ten commandments.

Story Maps
One True God
Holy Marriage
Be Honest these maps you are collecting parts for the Ark; The Acacia wood to build it & gold pieces.
...once you complete those maps look in your BUILD Icon (hammer & chisel) then in your storage crate, place it in your camp....

This is a continuing relic; you will find other parts/pieces as story maps are opened & are worked..

More Story Maps
Jethro's Tent
Stream Crossing
River Camp

In the meantime to complete part two of this relic these are the items you will be needing.

Resources Needed
25 Straw
25 Wool
20 Clay
35 Friendship Tokens

...the 25 gold pieces & 2 poles will be completed when you have done the last maps that came out Feb 15th, 2012

Last Story Maps
Midian Vale
Family Ties

...which will give you the balance of gold pieces & poles for carrying the Ark.

Then you will have the Ark of the Covenant which will give you two Gems daily.