Story Maps are those that form the unfolding story of the Journey of Moses.

Most Missions can only be completed on a specific map.

Some Story Maps (the Puzzle Maps) consist of a quick quiz question to be answered by clicking the right square. These maps will give their completion bonus when the right answer is selected, regardless of what squares haven't been clicked. On all other maps, the map must be 100% complete to gain the completion bonus.

Note: In some cases it may seem like a map is complete, but the 'Tiles Left' counter shows one square left. This can be frustrating and may take some effort to locate the last tile.

PLEASE HELP: As we cannot go backwards in the game, we need newer players to help fill in the details of earlier levels for us. See the Todo List page for more details.

Mission Maps in Journey of Moses
Map Name Prerequisites Missions on Map
Palace Garden
Palace Suite
Throne Room
Palace Gallery
Build Site
Karnak Foundation
Palace Atrium
History Room
Historical Puzzle
Karnak Pits
Mysterious Meeting
Palace Court
Back to Karnak
Spy Game (puzzle)
Great Hall
Royal Vault (puzzle)
Karnak Construction
Karnak Colonnade
Evil Overseer
Marketplace You're in Trouble
Outskirts of Town Gather Supplies
Wilderness Journey and Goodbye
Sharp Sight Puzzle
Sinai Desert
Trader Camp
Sinai Badlands
Green at Last
Stranger Puzzle
Watering Hole
Midian Fields
Midian Dale
Jethro's Camp
Sister Puzzle
Midian Glade
Midian Meadow
A Big Day
Special News
Midian Pasture
New Life
Name Puzzle
Quiet Pasture
Horeb Base
Trail Up
Top of Horeb
God's Name (puzzle)
Trail Down
Stoney Field
Moses' Camp
Sandy Desert
Rocky Desert
Hidden Wells
Letter Puzzle
Egyptian Construction
Meeting the Elders
Elder Council
Palace Hall
New Pharoah
Pharoah's Name (puzzle)
The Town
Straw Search
Clay Hunt
Mud Pits
Brick Pits
Elder Puzzle
Second Meeting
Magicians Duel
Royal Chamber
Back to Town
Nile River
Red Market
Red River
Plague Puzzle
Elder Quarters
Palace Discovery
Frog Market
Frog Field
Palace frogs
Advisor Puzzle
Homefront Stress
Palace Gnats
Gnatty Work
Pharaoh Gnat Nice
Gnat Be Gone
New Construction
River Bank
Palace Entrance
Fly Goods
Moses' Son (puzzle)
Fly Away
Market Guards
River Words
Livestock Fields
Animal Puzzle
Livestock Woes
Growing Unrest
City Streets
Fighting Words
Boiling Point
Itchy Market
Hail Pharoah
Taking Shelter
Missing (puzzle)
Market Mess
Hail City
Palace Grounds
River Ruins
Locust Fields
Locust Orchards
Pharaoh Relents
Courting (puzzle)
Dark Market
Family Worries
Dark Palace
Family Matters
Midian Bound
Elder Time
Plots within Plots
Power Struggle
Bread of Life
Shadows Bread of Life 3
Mark of Faith Shadows 3