Relic Maps contain resources needed for the completion of specific Relics.

Most Relics that require content from maps, need it from four maps in a set, but some sets are larger.

Relics and Relic Map Sets
Relic Map Set No of Maps Map Names Gems Needed
? Relic Lands 6

Mysterious Market
Desert Hunt
Oasis Edge
Meadow Madness
Pillow Palace
Pretty Pasture

3 Blue
3 Yellow
3 Purple
+ ???
? Pest Attack 4

Palace Under Siege
Scorpion Invasion
Save the Sheep
Spoiled Supper

Cross Relic Cross Relic Lands 4

Cross Relic Camp
Cross Relic Field
Cross Relic Meadow
Cross Relic Pasture

Pharoah's Daughter Sweet Sister 4
Goat Goat Relic 4
Bithia Searching for Bithia 6
Angel Sculpture Angel Sculpture 4
Gazebo Gazebo Lands 4
MalariaCube! Bird Malaria Cube 1 Plasmodium
Harvest Table Harvest Land 4
Crane River Birds 4
? Donkey Hunt 4
? Donkey Cart 4
Nativity Nativity Journey 4
Menorah Menorah Lands 4
Eliezer Missing Eliezer 4
Ziva Search for Ziva 4
Gershom Follow Gershom 4
Tikva Find the Child 4

Back Alley
Through the Market
Rocky Pasture
Desert Home

4 Red
6 Blue
2 Green
6 Yellow
4 Purple

Rivkah Help Rivkah 4