A generic picture of honey until someone takes a screenshot of some honey in the game.

Honey is a food that gives energy when eaten. It can be grown using the Beehive, by clicking on the Honey Tree in the home world.

Honey Types
Image Size Cost Energy Production Time

Expiry Time
(if not collected)

Expiry Time
(in Backpack)

XS Honey XS 100 Shekels 10 1 hour 3 Hours? 3 Days
Small Honey Small 200 Shekels 20 4 hours
Medium Honey Medium 500 Shekels 30 9 hours 24 Hours?
Large Honey Large 1000 Shekels 40 24 hours
Super Honey Super 2 Mums 20 10 minutes 60-90 minutes 1 Hour