Relic Name
Unfinished Relic 1

Relic Type

Gift Relic


? Squares

Reward Frequency


Reward for Owner


Reward for Friends


Resources to Buy and Build

6000 Shekel 20 Appleseed 25 Clay 20 Rich Soil
30 Stone 30 Wood 5 Bread

The Golden Apple Tree was a Weekly Relic for the week ending March 3, 2012.

Type of Relic: Gift Relic

Level Needed to Unlock: ?

Cost to Unlock: 6000 Shekels

Size: ? Squares

Reward Frequency: Daily

Rewards: Apple for owner
(image of item) Unknown Item for friends

Relic Maps to Complete: Golden Apple Tree Relic Map Set.

Items Needed to Build
Image Item Number
Appleseed Appleseed 20
Clay Clay 25
Rich Soil Rich Soil 20
Stone Stone 30
Wood Wood 30
Bread Bread 5