Food provides a means of regaining Energy in Journey of Moses (JoM).

All food expires after a set period of time (in hours or days). This period of time seems to have an error margin of about +/-30 mins (a particular problem with Super Honey, which only lasts an hour). Expired food will have a 'Toss' button instead of a 'Use' button.

Food is displayed in the Backpack, before all other items, in a specific order. Also displayed are the name, amount of Energy gained and period until it expires (in days or hours).

Note that some Resources are items that should be considered 'food' but are not actually usable as Food in JoM (e.g. Figs, Grapes, Matzo, etc.).

There are several sources of Food:

  • Free Gifts - Sent by friends
  • Maps - Randomly found while exploring maps
  • Relics - Many of these give one type of food when clicked in your Camp and a different (lower Energy) type of food when clicked in a friend's Camp.
  • Facebook Posts - All posts you can make from JoM to Facebook will give a free gift to friends. If the post is not an item request, then the default item is a Date (1 Energy).

Note that unused Energy is lost when you gain a Level. It is therefore a good idea to eat small amounts of Food when you are close to gaining a Level.

Foods Available in Journey of Moses
Image Name Energy

Expiry Time

(in Hours)

Apple 5 Maps, Request
Apricot 10 Maps, Relics
Cranberry Sauce 2 48 Harvest Table Relic (Own)
Dates 1 48 Relics, FB Posts
Pear 10 48 Pear Tree Relic
Cheese 20 24 Cheesemaker Relic
Super Honey 20 1 Honey Tree
Pomegranate 15 Maps
Turkey 5 48 Harvest Table Relic (Friend)