Click Bonuses (for want of a better name) are bonus shekels earned for rapidly clicking on Experience , Food etc.


Each item clicked adds to the bar on the bonus meter and resets the time before the meter disappears.

If 3 or more items are collected before the bonus meter disappears then Shekels are earned. When the meter disappears, Shekels are paid for the last full bar to be completed.

For example, from the table below, if a person has clicked on 12 items total then they will have earned 400 Shekels (for finishing the 'Great' bar).


The speed with which bonuses must be collected is only slightly lower than the speed at which squares can be worked on. It takes approximately 3 seconds to perform an action on a square and it takes approximately 4 seconds for the bonus meter to disappear after the last collected item. An item not collected will disappear after about 7 seconds.

Most windows that pop-up (backpack etc.) will reset the bonus disappearance timer, so you have approximately 4 seconds after closing the window to click on an item to extend the bonus timer. If the bonus timer is paused, a pause icon will appear on it. The disappearance of items is usually also paused.

Note: Conversation dialog boxes (with characters in game) do not cause the timer to pause. Try to avoid clicking on people if you are trying to gain a bonus. Thought balloons also do the same (frustratingly). You can either click rapidly to close the balloon and continue or accept the bonus you've earned and read the balloon.

Clicks to Achieve Bonus Shekels
Text Shown Shekels Earned No of Clicks Total Clicks
Bonus 100 3 3
Great 400 7 10
Fantastic 1150 12 22
Awesome 2650 16 38
Way to Go 5650 20 58
Bonus 5650+ See Below See Below

After 'Way to Go', the meter restarts at 'Bonus', with 3 clicks to fill and 100 Shekels earned for completion, but 5650 Shekels will be added on to the accrued bonus. Ideally, this can be done repeatedly for totals of 12000 or more. In practice, the most this author has ever achieved is 11400 (once only).